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Who we are

  • Competitive Data was born in 2012 from an intuition of Giandomenico De Franco, a pioneer in Italy in integrating classic competitive analysis with social media analysis. The spirit of the company is to experiment and mix different market research methodologies, just like the artist's laboratory, which experiments with different materials and techniques to create the masterpiece. .

    In a very short time it has been created a division dedicated to competitive intelligence, the number of collaborators dedicated to CSI sectoral analysis has increased, reaching over 150 sector of every industry of the Italian economy, and closed partnerships with trusted contact centers for quantitative and qualitative surveys.

    2017. But as mentioned above Competitive Data is natively oriented towards innovation, and during this year the big data upgraded the lead generation services. The prospect lists are no longer those improvised and coarse of the last decades, but they are now created in a timely and targeted way thanks to the intelligent integration (and correction) of official information with those coming from the web, big data precisely.

    2018. Innovation is also a matter of sharing, which is why Competitive Data makes its deep knowledge of the Italian economy partially free by creating the blog the only blog in Italy where each company can deal with the average sector benchmark, and monitor the performance of their customer/supplier/partner.

    2019. Within a few months Competitive Data is registered among the companies authorized by MISE to carry out interventions on corporate innovation, is chosen by the Chamber of Commerce of Milano Monza Brianza Lodi as advisor in business development, is chosen as a partner for Italy by Statista Gmbh.

    Today. And it’s still the innovation that drives Competitive Data today to take a further step forward, towards the use of machine learning algorithms, based on 20 years of experience in competitive intelligence, to provide a new range of informations, increasingly powerful, to support the business intelligence of its customers.
Division dedicated to competitive intelligence
Development center dedicated to the integration of machine learning in marketing research
Call center for qualitative and quantitative researches
Sectoral analysis with the rankings and balance sheet of companies
Companies, and all the information to find those that fits your business

cooperation with

We are advisor to the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi for specialist assistance to companies in the field of business planning and development

We are partners of the world leader in the dissemination of market research, which has chosen us to acquire economic and financial information on over 40 sectors of the Italian economy, calculated with our CSI methodology

We are enrolled in the register of Innovation Managers of MISE for the field: big data, data analysis, digital development of business processes, commercial development

Members of the first Italian Marketing association authorized by MISE to certify the Marketing professionals, and for which we have carried out training and authorial activities in the field of Marketing Metrics