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Who we are

Division dedicated to competitive intelligence
Development center dedicated to the integration of machine learning in marketing research
Call center for qualitative and quantitative researches
Sectoral analysis with the rankings and balance sheet of companies
Companies, and all the information to find those that fits your business

cooperation with

We are advisor to the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi for specialist assistance to companies in the field of business planning and development

We are partners of the world leader in the dissemination of market research, which has chosen us to acquire economic and financial information on over 40 sectors of the Italian economy, calculated with our CSI methodology

We are enrolled in the register of Innovation Managers of MISE for the field: big data, data analysis, digital development of business processes, commercial development

Members of the first Italian Marketing association authorized by MISE to certify the Marketing professionals, and for which we have carried out training and authorial activities in the field of Marketing Metrics