Competitive Data

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Sector analysis and competition
  • Finally a sectoral analysis tailored to your needs, where you can not only have a complete view of the markets and the competition, but also get information on the performance of your customers.
    We make over 200 analysis a year, for 450,000 companies involved.
    You can choose a CSI report:
    • Average sector budget and top performers
    • Average balance sheet by strategic group
    • Ranking of companies by 27 economic and financial ratios and comparison with the sector average
    • Reclassified balance sheet of companies in the last three-year, including 27 economic and financial indicators
    • Change of ratios by region
    • Ratios of intermediate or final customers

    Or competitive analysis
    • Production, import, export, market
    • Market performance by value, volume, segment, distribution channel
    • Evolution of key success factors
    • Cost and sector turnover trend
    • Number, turnover, debt, payment times of intermediate customers
    • Companies competitive profile
    • Marketing Mix
    • Presence over the web
    • Share of production, import, export, market
    • Forecast, short, medium, long, term
    • Threats and opportunities
    Don't leave anything to chance, make data driven decisions.

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